Welcome back to another episode of “Real Estate Raw.” Michael Blank is today’s guest, and he’s an absolute guru when it comes to real estate investing–specifically, investing in multi-family property.

In our discussion we cover a variety of important topics, so once again I’ve provided timestamps of the video above so you can jump ahead to the section(s) that interest you the most:

0:49—How Michael got into multi-family property investing.

2:57—How a person can retire in three to five years by investing in multi-family units.

4:45—How to calculate your financial freedom.

6:36—Why using Syndicated Deal Analyzer can help you with your investment deal.

7:49—Exploring deals in other parts of the country.

8:41—How to spot a good deal.

10:28—The story of Michael’s first deal.

12:05—To wholesale or not to wholesale.

13:28—What investors can learn at one of Michael’s seminars.  

15:43—A word from or sponsors.

18:42—What makes Michael’s training system different.

20:19—The hardest thing, in Michael’s opinion, about jumping into the investment business.

22:20—Creating financial freedom in multi-family property investing.

24:50—The three ways you can participate in an investment deal.

27:14—Where you can buy Michael’s book: “Financial Freedom With Real Estate Investing.”

27:47—Where Michael finds his inspiration and where you can too.

30:24—Concluding thoughts and the importance of taking action.

I want to thank Michael for joining me. If you need to reach out to him, you can visit his website at www.themichaelblank.com.

As always, if you have any questions for me or there’s anything else I can help you with, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. I’d love to help you.