I have a very special guest with me today: Richard and Jamie of PatLive. I learned about them over 10 years ago, and it was such a blessing to my business. In showing you this interview, I want to delve into what this virtual reception service is all about.

For your convenience, I’ve attached some timestamps below so you can navigate the conversation at your leisure. Feel free to skip around to any points in the video that interest you in particular.

  • 1:00—The history of PatLive.
  • 2:00— “Creme de la Creme”: What it takes to work for PatLive.
  • 3:50—What is the cost of service?
  • 4:40—The PatLive guarantee of service.
  • 5:50—Is PatLive just for Realtors and investors?
  • 6:20—What does PatLive bring to the table that competitors don’t?
  • 9:00—The extra level of service PatLive strives for.
  • 11:00—Who’s all on the PatLive team?
  • 13:29—Final thoughts from our two guests.

PatLive is there for your callers 24 hours a day. If you ever have any questions about their service or about how to proceed, you can always call. They’d be happy to help.

If you’d like to explore this service option a little further, visit www.joemendoza.com and click on the “Resources” tab, or call my direct-connect line at 1-800-891-2640. Thanks so much to Richard and Jamie for speaking with me and sharing their words of wisdom.