I’m so excited to have Darren Davis with me on the “Real Estate Raw Show” today. He’s an instructor who loves to give back to his community of Renatus, which actually isn’t too far away from my own neighborhood.

Darren has been through quite the roller coaster during his career as an investor, and he doesn’t expect that to change anytime soon. His philosophy is that if he can help a client get over the next hump on the way to their goals, more power to them. Through his work, he feels as though he’s done something good for the world. He joins me today to talk about the trajectory of his career and along the way, he’ll provide fantastic insight that anyone watching will be sure to find valuable.

For your convenience, I’ve provided timestamps below so that you can navigate the conversation we had at your leisure:

1:13—From paint pump mechanic to real estate success: Darren’s background in the business

4:10—Darren’s crazy stories from the beginning of his career in real estate

9:25—How long it took for Darren to do his first deal, and his advice for would-be investors

11:45—Our thoughts about the current market in California, and how newbie investors should handle it

14:15—A really cool deal: How Darren bought six units (with none of his own money) and turned them into cash flow

18:15—A quick break in the show with a word from our wonderful sponsors

21:00—Regarding Darren’s deal with a property manager: Networking is key

22:19—Darren’s golden nuggets of wisdom

23:00—After over 200 fix-and-flips, what is Darren up to nowadays?

24:17—Expecting the worst: forming a conservative plan with multiple exit strategies so that, should chaos strike, you’ll still come out okay

26:25—Of the 200 flips Darren has done, he’s only lost money on one of them

Thanks so much to Darren Davis for taking the time to speak with me on “The Real Estate Raw Show.” If you would like to reach out to him for more golden nuggets of advice, call or text him at (951) 704-3596, or email him at Darren@sageinvestingllc.com.

For any other questions you have, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to speak with you.